Baraat Lavazama in Rajasthan

Baraat Lavazama in Rajasthan is a truly magnificent experience. In Indian weddings, baraat processions are an integral tradition, and their grandeur is on the rise, thanks to the creative touch of wedding planners.

baraat lavazama in Rajasthan

A typical baraat lavazama in Rajasthan is a spectacle, featuring an entourage of 50-70 individuals playing diverse musical instruments to the beats of traditional and Bollywood songs. The procession includes 4-12 majestic horses that form a royal buggy, with the groom seated behind them. A darbaan stands behind the groom, holding an umbrella, thus adding more authenticity to the regal display. Elephants, adorned in beautiful decorations, and camels, adorned with traditional gorband, are also prominent features. Special horses, with riders in Rajasthani attire and holding small bhaalas, dance delicately to the rhythm of the music.

The baraat procession is made even prettier with aerial fireworks, consequently adding grandeur to the celebration. An alternative and modern entry idea involves the entire baraat arriving in vintage cars, thus imparting a distinctly royal appearance. As the music plays, all members of the baraat joyously dance to different tunes. Here, the bride’s family warmly welcomes all the baraatis.

Baraat Lavazama is not only entertaining but also symbolic of the happiness and excitement within the groom’s side to embrace the bride into their family. As wedding planners, we highly recommend planning baraat lavazama in a grand and memorable manner.

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