Cost of a wedding planner

Contemplating whether to hire a wedding planner? What will be the cost of a wedding planner? If this question looms as your big day approaches, then this read is a must!

Hire a wedding planner for smooth and happy execution of your wedding event
Cost of a wedding planner soars your wedding event value and not cost!
Here’s why you should consider hiring a wedding planner-
  1. A wedding planner helps with perfect execution of your wedding plans.
  2. They have all the expertise required for planning a perfect wedding.
  3. Hiring a wedding planner helps control the expenses of the wedding, rather than adding to it.

When contemplating the idea of bringing a wedding planner on board, the primary concern often revolves around potential budget increases. The allure of leaving last-minute hassles while a wedding planner takes charge is tempting, but financial apprehensions may be there. However, the reality is that incorporating a wedding planner into your arrangements does not necessarily increase your wedding budget.

Achieving a perfect, smooth, and glitch-free wedding is the ultimate goal for many couples. The decision to include a wedding planner in your budget is based on several considerations. Notably, a wedding planner operates within the client’s specified budget. During initial consultations, one of the first questions is typically, “What is your budget for the wedding?” Regardless of your allocated budget, they ensure all your requirements are met without exceeding the financial parameters. Additional costs may arise only if you opt for specific elements that cause higher expenses. For instance, choosing orchids over roses for a floral wedding theme or opting for a rotating stage instead of a beautifully decorated static stage may attract additional costs. However, the sole extra expenditure is the service charge of the wedding planner. Beyond that, your wedding remains well within the predetermined budget.

Tips on how and why to hire a wedding planner
Hiring a wedding planner will keep all your wedding expenses in control

Just remember, a wedding planner is there to make your life easy. If you wish to know more, visit for complete details.

Author – Anu Bhambhani
Content writer
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 11th April 2015

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