Varmala ideas

Pick a Varmala theme  and ,also, give an elegant feel to the entire wedding !

  1. Varmala ceremony can be made more beautiful by giving a thematic decor to the varmala
  2. Read on to see which are few popular varmala themes
Varmala is beautiful alwyas with age old traditional ideation
All time favourite red and white color flowers varmala


You can take a pick from here or can also get your dream varmala theme, executed by a professional wedding planner.

  • Jungle theme-in the midst of greens, bushes, loving creatures and mother nature
  • Universe theme- star, moon, sun, ufo’s blessing the couple
  • Sea theme-you love beaches but cannot go all the way to a beach land with your entourage, get the most exotic beach view created by production team of a professional wedding planner
  • Ring theme-varmala ceremony in the true ring ceremony style, take the entry on the stage with a huge beautifully created ring and complete the varmala ceremony
  • Book theme-want to tell your spouse how much you love him/her and the books in your life, let’s keep books as the background decor for this most special moment of your life
  • Heart theme-my heart goes out to you, what better way than to witness the varmala moment with expressing the same through varmala decor
  • Moon theme-your presence in my life is as beautiful as a quintessential full moon light, the moment when you are finally getting together should also express the same through moon theme decor
  • Floral- varmala moment has to be as pure as flowers
  • Spiritual- Let God’s witness the God decided moment

Your dream wedding will have a rich and complete look with execution of dream Varmala moment, as this “The moment’’ is God’s truly well thought blessing, which is rare.


Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:  6th November 2015


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