Here we will discuss the work characteristics that define Splash Events as one of the most professional wedding planners of Rajasthan. Splash Events has 18 years experience in the wedding industry of Rajasthan. Splash Events can manage your events with all the requisite expertise for a happy destination wedding in Rajasthan. Our expertise comes from on ground work as wedding planners since inception of wedding industry and also professionally trained staff. The weddings designed by Splash Events are real time experience of the heritage, traditional food, and hospitality with the theme of Padharo Maare Des-of Rajasthan. The familiarity of our team with the entire Rajasthan and even its rural areas, heritage palaces, bawariyans (cyclic ponds with deep staircases) and all historically important places makes your destination wedding an easy task to be executed.
The other important points that make Splash Events your perfect wedding planner for your destination wedding in any city of Rajasthan-is there in-house wedding production .The in-house wedding production of Splash Events makes the dream wedding of every couple a reality as according to the taste and choice of the wedding client customization of the wedding decoration is done by Splash Events ideation and production team –for all your pre and post wedding functions-mehendi, sangeet, wedding decoration, Varmala ceremony, bride groom entry, baraat welcome, bachelor party and spinster party and all the parties that you associate with a wedding. Also it is the customization of the wedding decoration that compliments the architecture of the palaces and forts of Jaipur. Let’s discuss how Splash Events can make your destination wedding in Jaipur, Udaipur or for that matter any destination of Rajasthan, so much special.
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