Make way for the bride!

Gorgeous clothes, a brand new make-up kit, shopping, endless visits to the parlour and all that jazz. The excitement around a wedding is doubled because the bride-to-be gets to indulge in a world of her own. In the run up to the wedding, she is pampered and given a free hand with no questions asked. Yet, it is not where the fun ends. The biggest and the most important moment for a bride is when she makes her grand entrance to her own wedding. Dressed in the best clothes that money can buy, she is like the perfect dream come true.

So, how exactly should the bridal entry planned? How should an Indian bride enter the wedding? Her bridal entrance must be a spectacular affair, for everyone to remember for ages to come. It should be one grand entry for the Indian bride so that the groom is left standing at the mandap with his mouth wide open in amazement.

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