Wedding industry is a dynamic industry and the wedding trends keep changing at a very fast pace here. Hence the wedding themes conceptualization, at the initial stage requires a good brainstorming by the wedding planner with his wedding designer.

Weddings and especially in destination weddings in Rajasthan the most loved wedding venues are the palaces, forts, heritage hotels.To plan a wedding in these venues requires a detailed mind map of constructing the wedding theme.

 The whole wedding theme is assimilation of -client’s choice, the geographical position of the wedding venue, the ideation of the wedding planner .This assimilation is given concrete form by the wedding designer. Wedding designer is the person who is trained in certain software with which he/she creates the sketch of the entire wedding venue incorporating the desired wedding theme .The wedding designer work gets the shape only with the instructions and presence of wedding planner. With the help of the pencil a writer writes his thoughts, in the same way with the help of a wedding designer , wedding planner executes his wedding theme creation.

Wedding planners make sure while designing the wedding that all the aspects of wedding planning, say-all wedding events decoration, wedding invites, social media wedding cards, bride groom wedding outfits, wedding entertainment are in sync with each other . No wedding part should look out of place and should rather complement each other.

When the wedding is designed the entire look of the wedding is created in advance in the images or layouts and it gets smooth sailing for the wedding family and the wedding planning team. Wedding execution is like a movie making, the entire wedding planning team dedicatedly works towards its successful release and the wedding designer has one of the most important roles to play in it.

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