Remember the days when the highlight of any wedding used to be the orchestra performing live music and a lady dressed in the most glittering outfit ever crooning? Fortunately, we have all come out of that mode. Today, it’s not just the DJ playing some foot tapping numbers alone that are decided by the couple. There are so many options to make the entertainment bit of the sangeet stand out in the memories of guests for times to come.


Sangeet is the most fun part of any celebration. Music and dance are imperative this day. For the entire sangeet to be fun filled, sangeet preparations usually start days in advance. Our choreographers start teaching the family months in advance to put on their dancing shoes without a hitch. The sequence of the preparations begins with choreography sessions with the families. The dances, decor, sound, lights, anchor script, back up dancers, props, everything is worked around a particular theme. You can also organsie a skit with your immediate family and close friends who can perform on songs that go well with the theme.

Back up dancers with props will make you feel like one big movie star on stage while the fireworks go off in the background. The young boys and girls of dance troupe can give a captivating performance on stage as well as double up as background dancers giving your wedding function a complete filmi look.

And, that’s not all! You could get an anchor or master of ceremonies who can preside over the function while you all enjoy. If you wish, we can also help you get a Bollywood/TV celebrity and singer on board to perform or just attend your special day. Other than that, a very interesting concept that’s catching up these days is of live portrait artists who are present at the wedding and sketch the mood, people and just about anything and everything they come across. They create some everlasting memories for you and your prospective kids. Frame some of them and they would be perfect as wedding gifts. There could be something for the children in the wedding party who can enjoy may be a magic show, a puppet show, or something to occupy their minds safely while your guests are out there enjoying themselves.

Our creative team sets out to help the party become more entertaining with sound and lights with DJ, choreography, props and emcee script. Splash team decorates the venue keeping with the mood of the day . Everything, mind you, everything is related to a theme decided by you which reflects in every single thing on the venue.

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