Wedding Destinations in Jaipur

Jaipur stands for rich heritage, culture and vibrance. It is one of the very few cities in India that abounds in age-old heritage properties. For this reason,identifying the right venue for a destination wedding can be a challenge. As such, we have categorized all the beautiful wedding destinations in Jaipur to help you quickly find the one that suits your preference.

Palace & Heritage Properties of Jaipur

These properties boast magnificent architecture like no other in the country. Thus, your Jaipur wedding will be the epitome of the same royal opulence, which stands as a testimony to the city’s majestic past. Few absolutely stunning heritage destinations of Jaipur areSisodiya Rani ka Bagh, Kanak Vrindavan and City Palace. You can also find out more in our blog section about palaces and heritage properties in Jaipur. Here is a quick link:

Heritage Hotels of Jaipur 

Jaipur has quite a few age-old heritage properties converted into hotels. These heritage properties were built by the royals as their holiday homes. Hence, these heritage properties have an opulent feel and can make your wedding look magnificent. Read more about heritage hotels of Jaipur at: our blog section. 

Palace Hotels of Jaipur

This category of wedding destinations includes the historicpalaces that have been converted into luxury hotels.These palace hotels provide the best hospitality services for destination weddings and events. Few popular palace hotels are Rambagh Palace, JaiMahal Palace, Taj SMS Function. Also,look through our blog about palace hotels of Jaipur as wedding destinations:

Five Star Resorts of Jaipur

This category of luxury hotels oozes the look and feel of modern-day royalty. These five-star resorts are also mirror images of the city’s palaces. For instance, Shiv Vilas, Gold Palace, Fairmont, JW Mariott are few properties that offer everything to make an extravagant destination wedding memorable. You can read more in our blog section:


Five Star Hotels of Jaipur

As the name indicates, all five-star hotels of Jaipur offera sense of space and elegance in every nook and corner. If you are planning a destination wedding, these hotels promise a majestic charm throughout. You can also check out more about such properties in our blog section:

Four Star Hotels of Jaipur

The four-star hotels of Jaipur are known for being very spacious. The hospitality and warmth you get in the hotels of Jaipur are unmatched. Here are the names of a few popular four-star hotels of the city known for wedding destination –Hotel Hilton, Jaibagh Palace, Holiday Inn, Four Point Sheraton. You can find more about them in our blog:

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