Splash Events , your wedding planner in Udaipur

Udaipur is also called the Venice of the east . You will know how mesmerising  this place is when you land in this beautiful city of Lakes. Undoubtedly, with your wedding in Udaipur you will be blessed with blissful state almost for your life. 

 Let us look at the things that  your wedding planner in Udaipur , Splash Events , can do to make it your perfect dream wedding.

  • Being natives of Rajasthan  we can easily provide you with good wedding venue booking options in the major hotel properties of Udaipur. Our team will provide you with exhaustive list of wedding venue options  which will facilitate in a smooth execution of your wedding.
  • We can also provide you with  good wedding venue booking options near Udaipur as well.
  • Udaipur is famous for paintings . Our team can be your shopping guides for the same. We will take you to the real places which can offer you real authentic paintings of Udaipur.
  • Our logistics team can help you arrange the tours where you will get to know the history of Udaipur .Your city tour with our team will be as an explorer and not as tourists.
  • As wedding planners in Udaiur and being locals of  Rajasthan , we can introduce you to Mewar culture in the land of Mewar’s. Who would not want to know the history of the place which is world famous for its beauty.
  • Our wedding production house in Udaipur will make your wedding execution a smooth sail . 
  • Also we have  huge vendor connect which is the most important  factor that makes the wedding glitch free .
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