Weddings in India, has so much to say that when you start talking about it ,it looks difficult. We are making an attempt here to talk about Weddings in India ,and will try our best to justify the topic.

Weddings in India are synonyms with royal destinations, vibrant colors, rich royal food. And today Destination Weddings in India ,have become a trend with Indians who are settled abroad .Their routes, culture attracts them to come to their motherland and celebrate the weddings here, start of their new lives.


Within India, couples like to celebrate there weddings at a destination which gives them a feel of royal wedding.Say for example, people of Marawari community who reside in all the parts of India and even world will always want to come to Rajasthan or specifically wedding in Jaipur as their heart and sould will always be in their native place,Rajasthan.

Some couples have always loved beaches and they can go to Goa for a breath taking beach wedding. Destination wedding in Goa ia also very popular.

India is famous for unity in diversity . Many cultures co exist here .The same exists in geographical scenario as well. This gives couples many choices to plan their wedding they can have romantic destinations, tourists destinations and many more.Beach wedding you can go to Goa,Pondicherry,Kerala.For royal wedding, with places and forts, perfect hospitability you can go to Jaipur.The trend is also where we hav seen,Punjabli families ,South Indian families ,people from Delhi planning their weddings in beautiful cities of Rajasthan ,like Jaipur,Jodhpur,Udaipur.

Indian weddings are opulent traditionally also as they are 3-4 day affair which gives families an opportunity to be together for longer time and celebrate the pre wedding,wedding and post wedding events.

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