Why destination wedding in Rajasthan?


Rajasthani culture warmly welcomes visitors with the sentiment of “Padharo Maare Des,” inviting them to explore the beauty of the land. This cultural charm makes Rajasthan a top choice for couples planning a destination wedding.

The state’s tourism sector has led to the development of numerous five-star heritage hotels. So, guests visiting Rajasthan have a plethora of wedding venue options, reflecting the state’s economic dependence on tourism.

As the largest state in India, Rajasthan boasts extensive land availability and excellent highway infrastructure. The well-connected six-lane highways link Rajasthan with neighboring states like Delhi, Gujarat, and Agra. The Jaipur-Delhi highway, adorned with numerous five-star properties, is another prime example.

For couples seeking a river area with scenic meadows, Kota is an excellent wedding venue choice. Moreover, adjacent to Kota, Bundi offers heritage havelis, providing an elegant backdrop for pre- and post-wedding events. Jaisalmer stands out as the exclusive destination for a sand dune wedding. Additionally, Churu and Bikaner feature Shekhawati-style havelis converted into heritage hotels.

For a Jungle Safari-themed wedding, Ranthambore is an ideal location with Taj properties offering top-notch services amidst nature. Udaipur, known as the lake city, boasts beautiful properties surrounded by lakes, including heritage venues like Lake Palace Hotel and Jagmandir.

The diverse variety of wedding venues in Rajasthan makes the state a destination with immense potential for a vibrant and also memorable wedding celebration.

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