Destination wedding themes in Rajasthan

Every bride and groom visualize their wedding to be magical and just perfect. A predecided wedding theme makes that dream come alive!

  1. Wedding theme comes out in totality with help of wedding decor
  2. Wedding theme is perfect combination of main & the paraphernalia decoration props
  3. Wedding planner can provide you the wedding theme options in galore
Wedding theme should be ideated and executed by a professional wedding planner
Use all your creative juices to decide on your wedding theme

Blue and golden, blue and white, red and golden, pink and orange, yellow and red and so on and so forth. A decade back, the tentwallah hired for the wedding made the choices for you. He gave a limited number of options for wedding decoration which majorly included colour combinations and flower arrangement. With no other option available, you would go for it. Fortunately, things have changed for so much better now. Thank God for wedding planners!

Today, wedding planners offer myriad options for a perfect wedding. The wedding themes move beyond the color combinations and flower arrangements to a more holistic approach. It’s like you are spoilt for choice.

We bring to you a list of some most popular and some unique wedding theme ideas.

Rajwada/Royal wedding
Water/Beach wedding
Region specific wedding (for instance Kashmiri, Punjabi, etc.)
Culture specific wedding (for instance Egyptian, Arabic, etc.)
English (vintage) wedding
Fairy Tale wedding
Modern/Urban wedding
Adventurous wedding
Spring wedding
Eco-friendly wedding
Rustic wedding

The list can go and on. Get your wedding planner to give you more ideas and you can have the wedding of your dreams!

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer,

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Date Published:  11th April 2015


Would hiring a destination wedding planner in Rajasthan up my budget ?

To hire or not to hire a wedding planner…if this is the question that crosses your mind with an impending wedding, you have got to read this!

Hire a wedding planner for smooth and happy execution of your wedding event
Wedding Planners up your wedding event value and not cost!
  1. Wedding planner help in perfect execution of the wedding plan
  2. They  have the requisite expertise of doing a wedding
  3. Hiring a wedding planner will help you control the expenses of the wedding

When the idea of hiring a wedding planner surfaces in your mind, the first and foremost thought is how much the wedding budget will go up by. The feeling of letting go of all chaos and lat minute calls with a wedding planner handling everything is tempting but the money matters take over the better of you. Well, the truth of the matter is hiring a wedding planner does not shoot up your wedding budget.

A perfect, smooth, glitch-free wedding is the purpose of all weddings. A wedding planner makes it all happen within the budget of the client. If you have interviewed wedding planners for a function, you would recall the first question is ‘what is your budget for the wedding’? Whatever you wedding budget is, they make sure to stick to the same while giving you all the things you need. The budget would shoot up if you wanted something really specific which costs a little more. For instance, if you wanted roses for your floral wedding theme, the cost will be less compared to say orchids as a theme. Similarly, if you want a rotating stage, the cost will go a few thousands up in comparison to a beautifully decorated still stage. Of course, the only thing extra you are paying to the wedding planner is his service charge. Beyond that, your wedding is very much in the budget you have pre-decided.

Tips on how and why to hire a wedding planner
Hiring a wedding planner will keep all your wedding expenses in control

Just remember, a wedding planner is there to make your life easy. If you wish to know more visit for complete details.

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer

Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:  11th April 2015

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