How to plan a wedding ? Ok, when you think about weddings and especially the Indian Weddings, the very first thought which comes in our mind is assembling all the family members for at least five days, lot of dance and music, different kind of delicious food, colourful decoration, fragrance of flowers. The reality , as a wedding planner, which we can share with you is that behind these fun filled weddings, there is requirement of proper wedding planning which encompasses all minutest details, as well as essential elements which are required to make the wedding a memorable for all the guests and of course bride and groom as well.

The first thing you need to do for wedding is fix the wedding date.This takes you to the second step,smoothly, of wedding planning which is decide the wedding venue.The options depend upon your budget obviously, but with the help of wedding planner’s thorough research you can get good deal with great services from the hotel owners. If your wedding guests are around 300, and your budget permits, follow the wedding trend and organize a destination wedding and absorb yourself in the luxury of relaxation and complete enjoyment.

After fixing the wedding venue , the next task is of fixing the wedding vendors. In a wedding there are almost sea of vendors that go in making the entire wedding plan executed. We will not say it is an impossible task but the best way to get it done is hire a wedding planner. Wedding planner will be your single point of contact for all the minute to the biggest details of your wedding plan. You almost get a personal manager for all your wedding to do list and it gets convenient as a wedding host to have a wedding planner.

Ask your wedding planner to provide you the out of box ideas for all your wedding moments be it decoration theme,catering,varmala concepts,wedding destination which suits your budget,wedding invitation cards,flower arrangement,wedding shopping,sangeet theme and everything that comes under wedding planning. The best way for wedding planning is to write down all the services you require from a wedding planner as that will help you in making your discussion to the point with a wedding planner.

Wedding planning on the face of it looks a difficult task but with a little bit research and selecting a professional and an experienced wedding planner, it gets nothing more than a breeze.


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