How to plan a wedding


When you think about weddings, especially Indian weddings, the very first thought that comes to mind is family coming together, lots of dance and music, different kinds of delicious food, colorful decoration, beautiful flowers and fragrances, lovely clothing and a general vibe of happiness. However, behind every perfect wedding celebration, is proper planning and execution. It is especially important that even the minutest details and all essential elements are perfectly customized, personalized and executed. This ensures that the wedding is memorable for all the guests and most importantly, the bride and groom.

Role of a wedding planner

The most crucial step in the process of wedding planning is to decide a date, a destination and a venue. This is where a wedding planner comes in. A wedding planner’s thorough research and knowledge of the best options can make finding the perfect place – which suits all your needs and fits your budget – very easy. A wedding planner can also help you follow the latest trends and make your wedding as visually appealing as possible. This takes a lot of responsibility and worry off your shoulders. So, you can sit back, relax, and thoroughly enjoy the festivities.

Another important task is finding and deciding the wedding vendors. A wedding planner helps with this by being your single point of contact. You almost get a personal manager for all your wedding requirements and makes the entire affair super convenient and affordable.

A good wedding planner can provide out of box, unique ideas for all your wedding requirements. This includes – decoration, themes, catering, wedding destinations, invitation cards, flower arrangement, wedding shopping, etc. And they ensure that everything is according to your budget and preferences. The best way to include a wedding planner in your wedding is to make a list of all your requirements beforehand. This makes communication easy, and thus, work and ideation is more efficient.

Wedding planning, on the face of it, looks a difficult task. But with a little research, and a professional and experienced wedding planner, it can feel like a breeze.

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