groom entry in wedding in rajasthan

Groom entry in wedding in Rajasthan is always princely for sure. For grooms the feeling is almost superstar like, with whom everyone wants a picture and is under every guests scrutiny. Here we will discuss how to make  groom entry in wedding in Rajasthan  extra special.

As Wedding planners in Jaipur ,we plan the entry for the groom in the most creative and unique manner, which leaves the groom special on the wedding day and whenever he reminiscences about his wedding.The groom entry ideas list is endless and so is the fun.

Coming to the groom entry in destination wedding in Rajasthan it is quite fun.

It is all about how princely the groom  feels. One of the most exciting Rajasthani groom entry that we can have is Dhola Maaru entry. It is famous love story of a couple in Rajasthan , the name of the man was Dhola and the lady love’s name was Maaru. Dhola used to go to meet Maaru on camel . Dhola Maaru love story saw many challenges but with a happy ending. We can create the feel of Dhola for the groom through traditional Rajasthani music,Rajasthani attire and playing traditional Rajasthani musical instruements.

The other groom entry that we can have for groom is one with lavazama. What is lavazama? Lavazama is procession of tamed animals like elephant,horse,camels,and people dressed in Rajasthani attire holding spears and swords. The visual looks straight from the procession of olden times kings. Also if you are nature and animal lover you will certainly love this entry for the groom.

Playing traditional Rajasthani musical instruements like the most famous shehnai,nagada,algoza,khadtaal,baankya will fill the groom entry in destination wedding in Rajasthan with so much pleasing sounds.   Read here for more Groom Entry ideas

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