Hospitality in destination wedding in Rajasthan has to be done in the most responsible manner. A major part of any wedding, especially destination wedding is the issue of transportation. Guests have to be picked up from the airport or railway station, driven safely to the venue where they will be staying. Your wedding planners know it all too well and can make arrangements in advance if required. All the above will require detailed planning and organisation. So a couple of meetings with the wedding planner to chalk out the plan is all that is required to give them the brief and voila, all your transport matters are taken care of.

Coming more specifically to hospitality in destination wedding in Rajasthan, it is quite generous.
  • The hospitality feel of your destination wedding in Rajasthan is very splendid as the heritage properties here give a very fabulous look to your wedding.
  • Your guests can be welcomed with princely vintage cars in these scenic heritage properties.
  • The guests can be welcomed at the airport and at the hotel in Rajasthani traditional attires.
  • Traditional folk instruements like dhol ,nagada of Rajasthan can also be played near the hotel reception area from where the guests enter inside the hotel. At the hotel lobby you can also have men and women in Rajasthani saafa and poshak welcoming the guests.
  • In Rajasthan you also have this princely tradition of welcoming guests with the elephants dancing or showering guests with petals. To welcome your guests in your destination wedding in Rajasthan the same can be planned.
  • The hospitality of Rajasthan is permeated with Padharo Maahare Des which literally means you are most welcome in my state.

From the moment your guests land in Rajasthan to the time they leave after the wedding our team can plan the hospitality of your guests with this Rajasthani culture of making guests feel extra special in this land of beautiful destination weddings.

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