wedding planning in rajasthan

Destination wedding planning in Rajasthan has to be done with accuracy.Splash team will plan the entire wedding ceremony ,starting from theme based decor, bride entry, groom, entry, guest welcome, sound, entertainment part and everything you name it and want in the wedding ceremony.

Once the venue is finalized, a detailed plan will be presented on the kind of wedding decoration you want. 

Below we will simplify in few steps what should a wedding planning in Rajasthan be like.
  • Our expert wedding planners will meet up with you, understand your requirements and dreams for the wedding celebrations.
  • Sound and light arrangement too will be done in a way that they merge with the decoration and enhance the look and feel of the place.
  • Coming to decoration part, our in-house production facilities make sure your venue is decorated like the place you always imagined it to be on your wedding day.
  • Floral decoration is our forte as our production team artisans are local and have around 30 plus years experience in decorating the venues with flowers and flowers only. Our creative team will present theme based-bride entry, groom entry and varmala concept for you to choose and pick the one you like and relate most with.
  • If you want we can also be your shopping guides, and why not we belong to the city which is world famous for shopping and recognised all over as Shopper’s Paradise.
  • Food is another part which is so very important as a host . Food sets the correct vibe of the wedding,it unites the families in the most natural manner. We take utmost care in planning a wholesome,tasty,local and completely healthy food for your guests. Once the food items are finalized our team can provide and connect you up with the original and best cooks who cook specially in weddings-wedding catering as well.

Destination wedding planning in Rajasthan is almost a window to experience the Rajsthani culture in all its enormity it has had since immemorial times .


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