Vidai Ceremony

Specializing in the art of Vidai ceremonies in Rajasthan weddings, our team at Splash Events excels in creating memorable farewells. As the final event in the wedding festivities, Vidai marks the conclusion of the celebrations. Guests and hosts bid adieu and return to their homes. For the bride, however, this moment signifies the transition from a familiar home of many years to a new territory, a transition that can be emotionally overwhelming.

Our approach at Splash Events is to ease this transition for the bride. This means ensuring she experiences a sense of calm, happiness, and anticipation for the future during the Vidai ceremony.

Collaborating closely with the bride, her family, and in-laws, we meticulously plan the Vidai ceremony.

What does a balanced Vidai ceremony entail for us?
  • It involves recognizing the beauty of the time spent in the parents’ home. And based on this foundation, fostering the belief that the forthcoming period in the groom’s house will be equally beautiful.
  • The decor, music, and setting evoke a sense of happiness for the time that has passed, and the exciting future.
  • We acknowledge that modern marriages are well-thought decisions involving joy for both the bride, groom, and their families. Hence, we infuse fun and laughter into our Vidai ceremonies at Splash Events.
  • Our Vidai ceremonies embrace a traditional Rajasthani theme, seamlessly merging it according to your preferences. In Rajasthan weddings, Vidai ceremonies feature Seekh songs, traditional folk tunes sung by the bride’s family. These songs offer musical advice to the bride, thus adding a cultural charm to the Vidai ceremony.
  • Moreover, if you wish to infuse even more Rajasthani flavor into the Vidai of your destination wedding in Rajasthan, our roots deeply grounded in Rajasthani culture enable us to customize the experience according to your desires.

At Splash Events, we go beyond orchestrating events; we craft cherished moments that resonate with cultural richness and emotional depth.

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