Destination wedding in 4-Star Hotels of Jaipur

For your Wedding in Jaipur, let’s look at 4-star Hotels as wedding venues options-their pros and cons!

  1. 4 Star hotels are reasonably priced
  2. 4 Star hotels offer almost all the comforts, typical of a splendid hotel
  3. If personal caterer is being allowed than you will save cost in 4 star hotel as a wedding venue


4 star hotel of Jaipur,Hotel Hilton Jaipur as wedding venue
4 star hotels of Jaipur offer great luxury at comparatively lower price

Wedding in Jaipur, sounds exciting as it is so much about beauty personified venues. There are so many star rated properties in Jaipur and most of them have all these features  -royal, palatial, spacious, comforting, perfect architecture wise, perfect aesthetic wise  and top of all , full of hospitality  that it  gets difficult which properties to choose from.We will take you through different categories of hotels as wedding venues in Jaipur, in next series of blogs under the category wedding venues .There are different categories –five star hotels, palace hotels, heritage hotels, palace venues.

Here we will discuss specific features of 4 star hotels as wedding venues in Jaipur, which will help you decide about them as venue for your wedding.To name a few 4 star hotels of Jaipur- Hotel Hilton,Jaibagh Palace,Holiday Inn,Four point Sheraton.

These 4 star hotels in Jaipur are reasonably priced. You will get room rate, food & beverages at much lower cost when compared to other- more high end hotels. This also makes the bulk booking for your wedding, convincingly prized.

4 star hotels have all the comforts of any high end splendid hotel. They have a banquet hall, pool side, open garden, palace look architecture and are centrally located within the city. All these features make 4 star hotels very convenient for your guests. Hospitality is no less in any of these hotels, so your guests will be in for treat.

Hotel bills get increased when food is included in the billing, not extremely high but yes to a great level. Check with your hotel, if they allow your personal caterer and this will obviously help you to eat your favourite food but the total bill of the hotel will also be brought down to a substantial level.


Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published: 30th Sept 2017

Budgeted wedding decoration ideas

Let us understand how we can create our dream wedding decor, in a fixed budget!

  1. Wedding decors are not always costly
  2. Customising of wedding decor will bring it within a budget. Read on how? 

In a wedding planning, wedding decoration is the least looked after aspect, the simple reason or rather assumption being that it bounds to be costly always. It gets natural to fall for this assumption as a) with ever increasing prices everywhere high costs is what we keep paying most of the times everywhere b) wedding decoration is always about big stages, splendid  backdrops, and everything that gives a grandiose looks. If you have not been to a wedding lately, just try n recall about a decent typical wedding decor which you have seen in the past. It was always about luxurious mehraabs and magnificent curtains, opulent chandeliers and basically everything that gives a lavish look to the wedding decor.

 As wedding planners we will help you understand how you can bring down the cost of wedding decoration and make it look very beautiful and elegant. (P.S.: As wedding planners, elegant is our favourite wordJ.)We are writing this blog as we fully understand that every couple getting married has a certain budget and wants the same dream wedding in that limited budget, matlab kam keemat mein zyaada ka faayada. Now with changing times, we have everything available and customised to the T for us, so why not wedding decor. The broad outline for the same is mentioned below for you.

Customise the wedding decor based on your wedding venue parameters .Few tips are:

  • Nowadays mehraabs and chandeliers have been replaced by lounges and canopies which can be smartly placed and beautifully decorated and they will be well in your budget.The look also gets accentuated with the use of lounges.
  • You can go in for minimalistic and elegant wedding decor. (Elegant againJ)The decor is not stuffing the venue with decorative props but the final look has to be aesthetically appealing, which is taken care of by the wedding planners.
  • Go for mix of natural and artificial flowers.
  • Also if you have eyes set for a wedding decor since long, but realise that it is very costly , sit with your wedding planner who knows his job as a pro and he/she will tailor it without compromising on the final wedding look and remaining well within your budget. The mainline here is hire best or an expert wedding planner , you can read here how to hire a perfect wedding planner

 Invite limited number of guests. The wedding venue required will also be small with less number of guests. The small wedding venue will entail less wedding decor cost. 

Plan your budgeted wedding decoration with your wedding planner
Budgeted wedding decoration is full of experienced innovative ideas

You can take your guests to a wedding destination, book a good looking hotel and enjoy your wedding as a holiday. Wedding destination cities /venues offer hotel options in abundance, so you can save the costs in hotel booking. The reason why we also think inviting small number of guests is simple-everybody in your surroundings, will know one day that you are married, just think over if it is so very necessary to invite each and every person you have known in your lifetime . Wedding is your personal moment that will become extremely beautiful and fulfilling when shared with your close ones. Rather than inviting 1000+ and 3000+ guests, just inviting those 150-200 important near dear ones will make your wedding a closely knitted affair with just informal interactions, gatherings, fun and no formalities, almost perfect

The above mentioned points will help you plan all the details of your wedding decor the way you always wanted it to be and also within your budget.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published: 25th Sept 2107

Budget wedding in Jaipur  

Budget Wedding helps you do all what you always wanted for your wedding!

  1. Jaipur , a land of opulent destination weddings
  2. But planning a dream wedding within your budget also possible here.Read on How? 

Although Jaipur is famous for its royal weddings, but if you look at the numbers- budget weddings segment is quite popular and there are lots of weddings happening under budget wedding segment. Let’s take a look on how you can make your wedding beautiful by remaining within your budget. 

We all know, an Indian wedding can go overboard sometimes. Sometimes out of design and sometimes due to lack of proper wedding planning. Wedding planners know the cost of services of a season wedding, theme wedding and they are actually the best people who know how to stick to a budget. As a couple planning to tie the knot, Splash Events as wedding planners suggest you hire a wedding planner to help you to not extend your budget. Unlike popular perception, hiring a wedding planner is not going beyond your budget, but sticking to it. Just as you can do shopping remaining within your budget you can hire a wedding planner by telling the wedding planners that you want the work to be done in a certain budget. It is that easy. Wedding Planners are organizing weddings all the time and they can customize all the parts of wedding planning looking at your total budget and vision of your wedding dream. To know how a wedding planner helps you cut costs, you can read up our blog, How to hire the perfect wedding planner  and, Would hiring a wedding planner up my wedding budget?  

Budget weddings in Jaipur
Budget wedding in Jaipur are planned meticulously by your wedding planner

Budget weddings are also possible under destination weddings segment. We’ll tell you how.You can book a resort, not necessarily a five star. There are lots of options under resorts category. These resorts have decent and nice looking rooms for staying, which are economical also. You can bring your guests in train, there are lots of convenient and comfortable train options. Train journey is always fun, which we all have experienced in our childhood days. Today’s times with all the technology advancement, sitting in train best meal from best food joints can be ordered, which will be delivered in your train compartment. Regarding the wedding venue, near your resort you can book any beautiful wedding garden, which can accommodate your guests. Jaipur has very nice gardens with historical significance and heritage wise also. Sisodiya Rani Ka bagh and Kanak Vrindavan are two such beautiful wedding gardens which can be booked as wedding venue gardens. Sisodiya Rani ka Bagh is a palace garden which was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh in 1728. It has multilevel gardens, fountains, painetd pavilions and it is one of the only gardens you can ever see. Kanak Vrindavan is again a picturesque garden situated in the foothill of Nahargarh hills and surrounded by Aravali hills.There are lot of options of wedding gardens in beautiful city of Jaipur and land of destination weddings. 

Another way in which you can make your wedding, economic is by choosing the right time of the year .Let us be real and believe that all days are God’s way of telling us that God is blessing us in all forms and every day. So you can have best budget weddings in off season, as it is called in every day vocabulary, the month of August, September, October, and March. As these months don’t have the rush of sawa or the auspicious time as declared by Pandit ji’s usually or the priests of our respective communities or caste. The wedding planners during off season will provide you much better and economical rates for the wedding planning. 

These are although broad outlines for your budget wedding. An expert wedding planner in Jaipur can certainly make your dream wedding, completely doable by making it a budget wedding. 

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published: 20th September 2017

Destination wedding in palaces of Jaipur

Palace Hotels of Jaipur as Wedding Venues 

Let us see which are real palace hotels in Jaipur and which are not

  1. Jaipur has various royal destination wedding venues
  2. Real Palace hotels – are Palaces converted into hotels
  3. The other royal venues are newly built mirror images of these age old Palaces

Jaipur is famous for destination weddings and all possible beautiful weddings, from decor and venue aspect, are organized in this land of rich cultural heritage. There are galore of venues in Jaipur which look so royal and magnificent but when you do proper read or study you will find that actual Palace hotels are very few in Jaipur. Jaipur has few palaces, and you can count them on fingers, which have been converted into hotels. Other wedding venues in Jaipur are more of replica of these palace hotels.

 Palaces in Jaipur were constructed before Indian independence. These places have been residences to the royal families of Jaipur. Here we will take you through real Palaces in Jaipur which are even hotels and can be taken as wedding venues in Jaipur.

JaiMahal Palace in Jaipur is the biggest and finest palace which is amalgamation of Mughal and Rajputi architecture. JaiMahal Palace was residence of Sir Mirza Muhammad Ismail, who was Diwan or Prime Minister of Jaipur in the year 1942-1946. JaiMahal Palace is situated in the middle of the city, hence it is a very convenient for the guests. This palace was also called “Natani Ka Bagh” in old times and even today the locals can easily identify Natani Ka Baagh with JaiMahal Palace.

For your destination wedding in Jaipur you will find lot of options in the form of Palaces hotels in Jaipur
Real Palaces in Jaipur, now converted into hotels are great destination wedding venue options

Rambagh Palace is another palace converted into high-end hotel and it is the popular high segment destination wedding venue. JaiMahal Palace and Rambagh palace are both perfectly managed properties of Taj Group. Rambagh Palace has been witness to weddings of Ambani family, and has been host to celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, so you know how picture perfect and splendid this Palace is.

Lily Pool is another very beautiful palace and it was Rajmata Gayatari Devi’s luxurious estate till the last years of her life. Lily pool was her abode in Jaipur. Today, part of the Lily Pool is known as Taj SMS Function Centre and it is a grand wedding venue in Jaipur. It is situated in the centre of the city. Taj SMS Function centre is a cosy place for your family to stay royal like during the wedding and your guests to experience the grandeur of palace. It has a swimming pool, open garden and a banquet hall, which can be used as different wedding venue site for three different wedding functions -mehendi, sangeet, and wedding reception.

Chomu palace, situated 30 kms from Jaipur is also a Palace with historical importance. This palace belonged to the thikanedaar of Chomu riyasat. Today Chomu Palace is run by a hotel group and it is a much liked destination wedding venue of Jaipur. It is also a budgeted palace destination wedding venue of Jaipur. Also it is a choice of Bollywood movies shooting venues. Few popular Bollywood movies that have been extensively shot here are, Bol Bachchan, Bhool Bhulaiya.

These palaces of Jaipur can help you create your picture perfect dream wedding, with the help of a wedding planner in Jaipur. Do visit them once, before you start your wedding planning and we promise you, you will be charmed by their serene beauty. 

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published: 16 September 2017 

Wedding exhibition in Jaipur

Subjective matter of wedding planning can’t be tailored into a wedding exhibition. Read on why?

  1. Wedding Exhibitions originated 10 years back in Jaipur
  2. Today, they are places to do shopping
  3. Complete wedding planning is not happening at these wedding exhibitions 

Wedding season or not, wedding exhibitions can be seen all over the place. Does it make sense to attend one of these wedding exhibitions in your city? Let us see the origin and why of these wedding exhibitions. We, as Splash events, The Wedding Planners have witnessed the origin and sudden upsurge of these exhibitions as we have been around 20 years in the wedding industry in Jaipur and please we are not trying to boast about it, just a matter of fact.

Wedding exhibition concept was started by wedding industry pioneer or more of a trailblazer, Late, Mr. Sanjay Godha, almost 12 years back, by the name of Lagan Mandap. He was a true dedicated wedding professional who crafted new ideas- to make this beautiful land a destination wedding land .The idea of Lagan mandap which I saw was very succinct and beautiful, promote wedding as an industry in Rajasthan.  

Time went by and this idea of wedding exhibition has been taken up by many. We can read every now and then the wedding exhibitions being put up, every wedding exhibition claims to be bigger, more splendid and more magnificent than the other one. In today’s times, if you go through the elements of these entire wedding exhibitions, you will find all of them have been organized by a relatively new wedding planner or a new hotel that has come up. In these wedding exhibitions, one can go and do all wedding shopping under one roof-wedding clothes, wedding jewellery, wedding footwear, make up ,hair stylist, wedding caterers, wedding photographers. These wedding exhibitions are more about wedding shopping, with limited vendors, for each product being sold . Also the wedding planner wants to get some publicity and same is the case with the hotel organizing wedding exhibition.

 The term wedding exhibition is covered in a very miniscule manner in these wedding exhibitions. Wedding involves ideation of the events and this ideation is the most subjective thing as it involves the recreation of the wedding dreams in the most feasible and beautiful manner. This is more of one to one exchange of ideas between the wedding host and the wedding planner. The expert view of wedding planner can help the wedding couple recreate the wedding plan. Wedding exhibitions, in current times are more of wedding shopping items display place where you can shop but again with limited wedding shopping vendors’ option. You as a wedding family will have more options of shopping, when you enter the markets of Jaipur, which is a true shopper’s paradise.

Wedding exhibitions are more of shopping places
Wedding exhibition in Jaipur city,place of destination weddings!

Our view as wedding planner for these wedding exhibitions is not against, they are a good medium to create curiosity about wedding planning in the families having wedding .These exhibitions should include broad and structured outline for wedding planning, that will make them complete wedding exhibitions. If these wedding exhibitions are more about wedding shopping then the specific purpose of wedding shopping should be communicated to the visitors . It will help in achieving the target of wedding shopping purchases and make both the wedding exhibition organizer and the visitors happy, to be part of these wedding exhibitions.


Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events ,The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:12th September 2017


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