Wedding exhibitions in Jaipur

Wedding exhibitions, such as Lagan Mandap, originated around 10 years ago in Jaipur. Over time, these exhibitions have transformed into bustling places for wedding shopping. Despite the popularity, it’s essential to know that complete wedding planning is not the primary focus of these exhibitions. Instead, they have become hubs for convenient wedding shopping, with a range of products and services under one roof.

The concept of wedding exhibitions was initiated by the late Mr. Sanjay Godha, a pioneer in the wedding industry. His vision aimed to promote Rajasthan as a destination wedding land, encouraging the idea of weddings as an industry in the region.

Today, there are numerous wedding exhibitions, often by relatively new wedding planners or newly established hotels. These exhibitions focus on showcasing and selling various wedding-related products and services. This includes wedding clothes, wedding jewelry, wedding footwear, make up, hair stylists, wedding caterers, wedding photographers, etc.

But is just a wedding exhibition enough to plan a grand wedding?

Wedding planning involves subjective ideation, requiring one-on-one discussions between the wedding host and the wedding planner. The recreation of wedding dreams is a personal and intricate process, making it challenging to incorporate into an exhibition. While wedding exhibitions offer a centralized location for wedding shopping, the number of vendors for each product category is limited. In contrast, the markets of Jaipur provide a more extensive array of options for those who want a true shopper’s paradise.

Wedding exhibitions are more of shopping places
Wedding exhibition in Jaipur city,place of destination weddings!

Wedding exhibitions are a good medium to generate curiosity about wedding planning. However, to be complete wedding exhibitions, they should have a more structured outline for wedding planning.

In essence, while wedding exhibitions play a role in sparking interest and offering convenient shopping options, the depth and intricacy of complete wedding planning is better through discussions with experienced wedding planners.

Author – Rishi Singh
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Date Published: 12th September 2017

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