Planning a sangeet ceremony

Gone are the days when the sangeet ceremony was solely about the ladies; today, both the bride and groom prefer a joint sangeet night that promises a memorable celebration with family and friends. Hence, with meticulous planning, and professional sangeet ideas, the sangeet can evolve into the highlight of the entire wedding ceremony.

Sangeet celebrations have undergone a significant transformation, embracing a more inclusive and thematic approach. Today’s sangeet parties are no longer confined to traditional dance and song routines but have thematic elements in decor, dresses, and overall presentation.

The modern sangeet ceremony is a professionally managed event, often done by wedding planners who curate an engaging evening. Professional wedding planners include the services of trained choreographers to prepare and instruct non-dancers within the wedding party.

Sangeet ceremony in Clarks Amer Jaipur
Sangeet ceremony should have all the necessary fun elements
So, here are some key sangeet ideas for an amazing Sangeet Ceremony
  • The introduction of order in the event encourages greater participation and amplifies the overall enjoyment.
  • Family members, cousins, and friends can partake in group dances, selecting songs that resonate with the entire group. Also, choreographers assist in training and refining dance routines.
  • Even elderly family members can join the festivities with group dances to their favorite tunes, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared joy.
  • Wedding planners often recommend themes that integrate all performances, songs, and acts. This adds a cohesive and visually appealing element to the celebration.
  • Skits are a popular choice, portraying the journey of the bride and groom through various life stages. It’s a creative and entertaining way to showcase their story.
  • Close friends and family can offer surprise toasts to the bride and groom, adding an emotional and heartwarming touch to the celebration.
  • To make the sangeet extra special, consider personalized themes that resonate with the couple’s journey or shared interests.

In essence, a thoughtfully planned sangeet ceremony, enriched with thematic elements, choreographed dances, and surprise elements, transforms the night into an extraordinary and cherished event for everyone involved.

Author – Anu Bhambhani
Content writer
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 13th May 2017

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